Application of measuring and controlling instruments at its highest level in the industrial automation field leads the control systems to a more environmentally friendly and safer procedure, which QUANTUM instruments guarantee. QUANTUM uses technology, innovation, and profession as the essence of the brand. Producing goods of the highest quality and respecting the needs of customers assist clients to obtain notable successes. Our deep comprehension of the product application and a robust and reliable technical background guarantees you the best products solutions.
• We have comprehensive EMC testing equipment.
• High accuracy automatic calibrator and test equipment.
• First-class CNC processing equipment.
• Advanced alternating high and low-temperature test chamber.

Our mono silicon sensor can gain 0.05% F.S. accuracy, which has reached the world’s pioneer level in this industry.

Each of our product testing processes is as follow:
• Ensuring temperature influence effects via an automatic temperature compensation.
• Automatic linear calibration to guarantee linear accuracy.
• Real-time online aging system to ensure the time drift performance.
• Pressure cycling impact tests to ensure long-term stability.
• Computers monitor mentioned tests to guarantee data authenticity and traceability.
• Furthermore, we also rigorously control every stage in the production process to guarantee the product quality and abolish all the possible errors and mistakes in the company. You can receive the demanded products, save your time and satisfy your clients.

We acquired ISO9001 quality management system certificates, ATEX, IECEX, 3-A, EHEDG, CE & RoHS certificates, CMC license and design patent certificates.

Major industrial application of QUANTUM products:
• Petrochemical, natural gas, environmental engineering;
• Pharmaceutical Engineering, food engineering;
• Water treatment, marine engineering;
• Mechanical Engineering and fluid equipment.
QUANTUM always devotes itself to superior production and robust manufacturing. Pursuit and insisting on the highest quality make QUANTUM the vanguard of the measurement and control instruments industry. QUANTUM’s expert and skillful team are always ready to assist you in purchasing products that suit you the best with the highest quality, a responsible backup team that is ready to advise and service you at any moment borderless.