Pressure Switch


Pressure Switch

TAPS800 mono silicon gauge pressure switch is a high-efficiency pressure transmitter with international advanced technology diligently designed by Quantom instruments, using the world’s most leading mono silicon pressure sensor and patent encapsulation technology.

Mono silicon pressure sensor mounts on the head of the metal body and avoids the medium interface to obtain mechanical and thermal isolation. Glass sintering sensor wire recognizes high yielding electrical insulation of metal base and advances the capability of the versatility of electronic circuit and transient voltage resistance protection.

All these unique encapsulation technologies allow TAPS800 to simply carry on with the harsh chemical circumstances and mechanical load and maintain strong stability to EMI, enough to respond to the harshest industrial atmosphere applications, which are the genuine invisible instruments.





  • Pressure type: Gauge pressure
  • Range: 10kPa-3MPa
  • Media temperature: -40~300℃
  • Output signal: 4-20mA, Modbus-RTU/RS485, transistor output
  • Reference accuracy: ±0.2%URL, ±0.5% URL
  • Medium: Gas, liquid


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